Expiry Day Nifty Option Strategy For 50 Times Return

Expiry day nifty option strategy for 50 times return

· I will discuss a very simple expiry day nifty option strategy that can safely fetch you 20 times to 50 times even times returns. This strategy can be implemented on Nifty OR Bank Nifty options.

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Some Common FAQ on Expiry Day Trading What is expiry day in stock market? This strategy should be entered in the last hour, a day before the expiry day (on Wednesday), on weekly expiring nifty options. Nifty is preferred over Banknifty because of low volatility. You can construct this strategy, if the below two condition are satisfied - 1. Nifty option trading on the day of F&O expiry can be very risky, here is a trading strategy to reduce risk and trade can be as accurate as 90%.

Remember on the day of F&O expiry volatility as well as trading volume remains very high, now in case of volatile markets you. Nifty Trader's option strategy section provides latest and updated details for the option strategies to mint money. with no fees or licence Sensex gains for 5th day in a row, settles at 46,; Nifty tops 13, Coronavirus LIVE: in return for temporarily forfeiting much of the stock’s upside potential.

So, that was a 14 times return or % return. Even on the day of general budget –we saw huge volatility in options as it was a points swing for intraday. Nifty Options Trading Strategy on F&O Expiry day, 90% Accuracy Nifty option trading on the day of F&O expiry can be very risky, here is a trading strategy to reduce. So, topic of today's video is "Expiry Day Bank Nifty Strategy Using Open Interest Chart". For many traders expiry day trading is the toughest job.

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But if you. On 28th Novemberit was an expiry day for the Nifty index. So we checked at the OI figures before the market has opened.

We saw the high puts were written at and levels. level has a neck to neck fight between the calls and puts and zone was holding shorts in call options.

A simple but effective option wrting strategy for a monthly income: Underlying concept: a) Strategy - Writing nifty call and put options simultaneously.


b) Strike selection - Call and put strikes approximately above / below points from market price at the time of entry. c) Adjustment post position - For every point or close to point change in nifty, square both call and put and. · I like to follow one strategy in NIFTY. example IF nifty trade at the month start say I will look call and put which will trade around. approx. I will wait for the price to reduce 1/ i,e 13 rupees in call or put, whichever occurs.

· Bank Nifty weekly expiry options has been introduced in the yearsince then many traders began to speculate with option trading especially on expiry days by buying OTM options with an expectation of seeing huge gains.

We have analysed the historical data to find out how Bank Nifty moved on expiry days. As NSE Nifty considers the most popular index in India, traders have to keep themselves updated with the price movements of fifty stocks under NSE.

NSE Advance Decline Chart Live Before interprets the chart movements, it’s important to understand the meaning of Advance and Decline. Get life time benefits and Free Books by opening account Upstox (Free): fqyt.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1ai?f=jMYJ Zerodha: https://zero. · Now, if the situation is Nifty is trading at and Nifty futures is trading at Here, Nifty is trading in trading at a discount of ()=10 points.

Premium and Discount Market Strategy. There are some common market strategies on premium and discount in the Futures market. In the case of widens Discount, Bearish market increase. · Mumbai: Traders with a keen eye have spotted a strategy of earning a quick buck on June 25 expiry Bank Nifty Options, while actually getting paid for undertaking it.

Called a bull call ladder, it involves buying a 20, call and selling a 20, call and a 21, call. This is a proven bank nifty expiry day strategy. This is called Straddle. You can do paper work for expiry days, then can apply. Please find the updated.

Expiry day nifty option strategy for 50 times return

Nifty prediction for tomorrow, nifty future. NIFTY forecast for week, month, andIndian stock market index NIFTY Nifty forecast, predictions and tips for everey day and month in tables. No loss option strategy rules are as follows: This strategy will give its result in a minimum 1-month time frame so you have to patience.

The entry period is at the start of expiry month or days before it.

Expiry day nifty option strategy for 50 times return

The exit will be at expiry hours or days before it. · A Strategy With Bank Nifty — April — Day 05 8 Apr We saw both NIFTY and BANKNIFTY moving in a narrow range throughout the day. And atall the troubles of previous day were forgotten. A day earlier, 25 basis point cut in the interest rates did not enthuse the markets. I bought Nifty CE and PE 11th Apr Expiry. · In a muted session on Wednesday, NSE Nifty opened higher, traded in a small point range and extended rally for the fifth straight session, logging gains of points or per cent at 11, Though the market logged incremental gains, it completely lacked conviction required for any sustainable upmove.

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· Find following an interaction with Rajesh, who’s very nifty trading options on the Nifty. He was not only the winner in the first challenge but is also presently up over %, 20 days into the second challenge. What makes him special is also the fact that he was up over % in the last financial year trading markets actively. So In the case of the Long Put options trading strategy, we will select the following data.

Instrument Type: Index Options Symbol: NIFTY Expiry Date: Select the required expiry date.

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Option Type: Call (For further examples, we will select Put, for a Put option) Strike Price: Select the required Strike Price. In this case, I have selected We were looking for an appropriate situation for setting up the strategy with Bank Nifty for last 4 trading sessions. As the credit at set up was not good enough we avoided the trades so far. We look forward to today’s session to enter the strategy. We sell the following Options: HDFCBANK PUT May 30 2 Lots @ Rs. · Definitely, Yes.

I have tested Bank Nifty straddle strategy with historical weekly bank nifty options data. We know that writing options involves higher capital and higher risk(if not hedged), any overnight news could increase volatility and affec.

Expiry day. CNX Nifty futures contracts expire on the last Thursday of the expiry month. If the last Thursday is a trading holiday, the contracts expire on the previous trading day. Trading Parameters. Contract size. The value of the futures contracts on Nifty may not be.

Disclaimer: The SAMCO Options Price Calculator is designed for understanding purposes only. It’s intention is to help option traders understand how option prices will move in case of different situations. It will help users to calculate prices for Nifty options (Nifty Option calculator for Nifty Option Trading) or Stock options (Stock Option Calculator for Stock Option Trading) and define. · Mumbai: The uncertainty over the market outlook after a 70% rally in the benchmark indices from their March lows has analysts recommending a Nifty options strategy that bets on moves on either sides.

Analysts are suggesting a calendar spread strategy, which involves simultaneous buying or selling call or put options for the same stock or index at the same strike but of different expiry dates. Nifty Trading Strategies for Feb Expiry Week Nifty opened bit lower at and traded in narrow range of 40 points between for rest of the day.

Finally, Nifty closed flat at after a dull range bound day. Deploy Modified Put Butterfly Strategy In Bank Nifty: Shubham Agarwal With the upcoming weekly expiry also being the monthly expiry, looks like the excessive writing was missing on an aggregate.

Learn how to trade & invest in Share Market. · Strategy 2: Bank Nifty Conservative Weekly Options Strategy – Can be traded in Nifty as well: This strategy is for trades who do not want to trade direction, want profits fast and stick to weekly options only. This can be traded Intraday also.

NIFTY Weekly Expiry Strategy - How to make Profit ? (Hindi)

With practice this can be traded many times Intraday. · PCR at stands atwhich is acting an immediate support zone. PCR at stands atwhich is acting as an immediate resistance zone.

Option pain stands atgiving us expiry level. Keep tracking this option pain level. A shift in option pain will provide further levels for expiry. Bank Nifty Options Strategy. · Videos - PM - Expiry Day - Nifty Options Selling Strategy in MARKETS - This video talks about PM - Expiry Day - Nifty Options Selling Strategy This is a simple and the + Reply to Thread.

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PM - Expiry Day - Nifty Options Selling Strategy. PM. All times are GMT +  · The NSE on Monday said it will launch weekly options contracts on Nifty 50 Index from February The first series will expire on February 14, and. · For July, the Nifty option PCR was greater than 1 until the expiry day, while the Bank Nifty saw a lower PCR consistently. "A point dip is possible on Nifty, before we resume the uptrend toward 11," said Rohit Srivastava, founder, IndiaCharts. On expiry day, I am trading entirely based on charts rather than option Greeks.

Though it is a busy day, expiry days account for nearly 40 percent of my weekly profit. Q: With so many strategies. · MUMBAI: The market is poised to trade in a range of 13, in the current weekly expiry, with a bias for the upper end of the range, options expiring on December 10 suggest.

While traders sold lakh shares at the strike put, they sold lakh shares at the call on an intraday fqyt.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1ai huge sale of puts is an indication of continued bullishness as a writer of puts.

As this Nifty Option Strategy yields us between 8% and 12% average monthly returns one can even borrow funds, if they have access to cheap capital, at a nominal rate of interest, and can reap astonishing returns by employing the strategy every month. Thus, even on borrowed capital, the implementation of the strategy is Viable and Attractive.

Expiry day nifty option strategy for 50 times return

· It depends on person to person strategy. You can make profits by either buying an option or writing an option. As it’s a zero-sum game so the one who writes doesn’t mean they always make the profit Some write so that some can gain from other’s. A drop on the expiry day of over 3% did wash off some of its gains, but the recovery in the last session led Bank Nifty to shut shop for the week over 2% higher than the previous week. · In the last weekly article, I have shared that is a psychological level, and Nifty should hold this level to go fqyt.xn--d1ahfccnbgsm2a.xn--p1ai whole week, we saw that Nifty was trying to stay but couldn’t sustain, and again we slipped below Now, is the strong support level, a breakdown will give a new sell signal and can short below – is no trade zone and a breakout from.

Expiry Day Options Strategy - Easy \u0026 Powerful

Here’s an options strategy that traders can use looking at the Nifty return distribution. Niraj Shah and Kannan Singaravelu share technical insights on a popular strategy to trade the Nifty index. Bloomberg the Company & Its Products The Quint. So, here i am going to write something which you will not get in free anywhere and also a most effective and practical way.

For proof i am going to post my trade screenshot as well. Let say today is expiry day and NIFTY is trading at No. Deploy Fairly Risk-Averse Modified Call Butterfly Strategy On Nifty: Shubham Agarwal of few of them on expiry day.

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On an overall tally, Bank Nifty lost OI for the week to the tune of almost 4%. On the open interest front, Nifty had a decent increment in participation with 25% long addition. These longs, however, were added mostly at the beginning of the expiry. · Bank Nifty is down by points. PUT for MAY 30 Expiry is trading near Rs. KOTAKBK PUT for MAY 30 Expiry has not traded a single contract till now. We do not take the trades today. Will review once again tomorrow morning to see whether the strategy.

Anil Singhvi’s Strategy November 9: Day support zone on Nifty is 12, & Bank Nifty is 26, Amid positive global markets, foreign institutional investors (FIIs), sentiment, negative domestic institutional investors (DIIs) and cautious futures & options (F&O) cues, the short-term trend of the Indian stock markets will be positive on Monday, November 9,

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